This is how we work on sustainability

We all know that the hyper-consumer world we all live in, can’t go on for long. Even though we at EMPWEAR are just a very small company in the big wide world, we do try to do our part. This is what we do to keep our company sustainable:

Packing & Shipping

All of our packaging materials are made of recycled paper. When someone orders a shirt at our webshop, we ship it in a white recycled box. This is not as sexy as the fancy the famous luxury brands, but who cares? We do not want to add any unrecycleable junk to the pile in the world that already exists. We do top it off with a small EMPWEAR sticker on top. Also, for those of you who have already ordered something online, you know that we add a free poster with each t-shirt. Well guess what? Those are also all made of recycled paper. It’s really not that difficult.

When we ship the orders, we use a CO2-neutral shipping service. “Does this mean that they use state-of-the-art transportation?” Well no, your order will probably reach your house in a diesel van in most cases. But our shipping partners compensate that by supporting several programs meant to decrease the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Our ‘Valour’ t-shirt is Fair-Wear certified and made from organic cotton

Producing Slow Fashion

You’ve probably heared of the term ‘fast fashion’. This means cheaply produced clothing that you can wear a few times before throwing it away. As you can imagine, this is not very sustainable. We try to make all of our pieces from organic materials. That’s not always possible, some of our shirts and linings are still made of polyester. It is very difficult to replace these with organic materials, but we are researching new ways to solve this problem.

Final production of our clothing is always done in the Netherlands. “Wow, does this mean every item is 100% made in the Netherlands?” Well no, unfortunately not. If we would make a jacket completely in the Netherlands, it would cost 20 times as much. Frankly, that is very difficult to sell. So how do we keep our items ethical and sustainable during production? Well the items that are made in non-Western countries carry a Fair-Wear certificate. This means the people making the items get paid fairly, instead of being exploited to a fault. We take a stand against the many non-ethical practices the fashion industry has been known for. Just because it is cheaper to produce clothing in certain countries, does not mean these people should be exploited!

All our posters are printed on recycled paper

Here’s what you can do

There are a lot of small, convenient steps you can take yourself. Firstly, there’s no reason to simply throw away old clothing in the bin if it’s still good. There are a lot of places where you can donate your old used clothing items. You can check out where you can donate your clothes here.

Secondly, the most sustainable clothes are the ones you already have. We understand the fun of getting yourself some new pieces. Of course, this is also the way we can even exist, because in the end, our mission is to sell quality clothing to the world. More often than not; a lot of smaller fashion companies work in a sustainable way, just like us. If you are looking for your next jacket or shirt, maybe check out some smaller companies first?

Lastly, as stated in our story, all of our pieces are fine when washing them in cold water on eco-mode. Also, drying your clothes in the open air is very environmentaly friendly. Not only that, but it’s also a great way to keep your clothes in shape, as a dryer may damage your items faster over time.

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