The Story

Never back down!

Empire is the streetwear clothing brand that encourages you to show the world who you are. Are you unafraid to stand out? Ready to show ‘em what you are all about? Empire streetwear is made for you.

We represent strength. Not raw, physical power, but the strength necessary to chase your dreams and to surpass your goals. A quality that allows you to exceed any and all expectations. You don’t have to conform. You have the strength to be yourself.

Helping showcasing your identity is what Empire is all about. We do this by incorporating bold designs in our premium clothing. Designs like ‘Valour’ and our logo ‘Wings of Victory’  radiate this personality.

Ethical Manufacturing & Sustainability         

We produce all of our products accordance with the Fair Wear Foundation guidelines. This is important because we want to take a stance against the widespread, unjust labour practices in the fashion and streetwear industry.

We avoid unnecessary use of plastic packaging for shipping. Instead, we reduce our ecological footprint by using recycled materials. 

Our clothes can take a beating and are thoroughly checked before approval.  A cold wash on eco-mode and drying outdoors is a perfect way to remain environmentally friendly. Even after your purchase.

Finished in the Netherlands. Asian streetwear inspired.

We want to provide you with the best quality clothing we can possibly make. So as a Dutch fashion brand, Empire makes sure that all of our streetwear is finished right here in the Netherlands. This is also where we design all our clothing.

Despite being located in Holland, we remain a strong connection with the rest of the world. All of our designs are based on Asian legends from places like: Korea, Japan and Indonesia. These stories are the perfect inspiration for the strong images we put on our streetwear.